Thursday, March 1, 2012

Creative Memories Blog Hop!! :)

Hey guys!  Welcome to the Creative Memories Design Team Blog Hop!!  If you are just joining, feel free to start here, or head to the beginning. 

I really wish I had something wonderful to share with you guys, but we just moved house and all my supplies are still packed up, and my new box of goodies did not make it in time :(

Soooo instead I'm going to just talk about the new Power Palettes that Creative Memories has come up with!  I really love them, and am excited that CM has decided to come out with bling now too!

The two new Power Palette are Divine, and Enchanted.
Divine is full of wonderful silvers, blacks, and browns.  Perfect for Scrapbooking your Wedding, or making adorable cards.

Enchanted is just as lovely, and uses all my favourite colours! Including the most lovely embossed papers too :)  Oh?  and you must, must see the Bling!  It's what a girl loves after all, right? heeee! :)
Love, Love, Love it!  The epoxy stickers are also some of my favourites, so shimmery and lovely :)

I have a few links to share now:

If you want to find out more about becoming a Creative Memories consultant I have just the link for you, click to find out more :)

Or, if you just want to find a consultant in your area, please click here to find one :)
Also, you really need to go check out the new products for March, trust me, there is some fun stuff!!

Next on your hop is Grace Tolman at her blog

Thanks so much for hopping by!!!

PS.  My Letter is "P"  :)


Anne Marie Gross said...

Thanks for showing off the "bling!" It was nice to see those embellishments close-up. Good luck getting settled into your new home!

Sue Reese said...

I love bling! I'm so excited.

Leslie said...

Trust me, I know what it's like to move house. 10 times in 20 years...whoo! Good luck!

mea5798 said...

good luck with setting up your new home laura! and thank you for the ideas on how to use the newest pallettes!

Lisa Graham said...

Did you see the paper ribbon- really cute shapes & it's self adhesive! Fantastic!

deltalady6 said...

Thanks for showing off the PP, love it!

Nicole LeBlanc said...

Can't wait to come back to see what you make!

Mel said...

I'm excited about the bling too! Have been digital for about 3 years, but may buy the enchanted just for the bling for craft projects!

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