Monday, May 5, 2008

Our thing....

One of the many things A and I like to do is go out for breakfast! I'll be the first to admit how
much I like food in general, but there is just something about breakfast foods that just spell out comfort to me! Before having my gallbladder removed I would have been all over greasy bacon, but now I have to settle for fruit waffles.... I know, poor me right? lol :)

Don't they look divine??? I seriously need to buy a waffle maker. hehe Any recommendations? :)

A is of course pouring tabasco all over his meal.. men! Griffin had fruit and toast, and split the ham with me :) (Isaiah was with my beloved inlaws. And no there is no sarcasm there, I seriously have the best in-laws ever!!)

Wait, are you asking yourself why you should care about this? lol. Well, you shouldn't really, you are just humoring me as I'm bored, and thought I'd talk about the importance of breakfast. And second breakfast if you eat hobbit-style. I eat hobbit-style. Ssshh. Don't tell.

I don't really have much else to add to this post, except these two little cards I made on NSD. They are super simple, but I enjoy them none the less. Thanks to Jennifer Pebbles for the challenge!

Check back in tomorrow... I have a very enlightening post up my sleeves. *wink*


Aleks said...

breakfast is my favourite too!!! Going out for it that is...usually at home I'll just have cereal or a multigrain bagel or something like that.

BTW: You won something on Layle's (SR) blog in case you didn't know. ;)

Christy said...

We love making a big breakfast on the weekend! It is our thing too ;)

Funny before I had my gallbladder out I couldn't touch stuff like bacon, now I eat it as much as I like.

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