Monday, May 18, 2009


LOL... So I finally got my copy of 30 Day Shred in the mail, but I've been way too sick to give it a go. Well, tonight DH is golfing, the kiddo's were happily playing so It though why not?!

Oh my GOSH... my face is as red as a tomato, and I am dripping sweat. What an insane workout, but in a good way! There is no stopping, you just jump to the next thing, and you don't do anything so long that it gets boring, it's pretty amazing actually. Although I just had to go up the stairs and nearly collapsed because my legs are like jell-o..

But such is life, and I need to get my SOS(Summer of Skinny) in gear!

On to some scrappy news, Did you see did you SEE???

14 Days till the ultimate card making show down! :)

You need to go check out all the info HERE, it's going to be AMAZING. So sad I can't compete.. lol Check out the prize!!! EEEk!!!! :)

Speaking of Cards..... here is another Purple Onion Designs card....

Stamps: Purple Onion Designs
Willard Sipping Cocoa
Arctic Wonderland sentiment set
Stitches Set

Ok, uhm.. I need to go shower. I don't know why I didn't do that first... lol

Take care!

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